MyCiti Bus Route at Camps Bay

MiCity Bus Route to and from Camps Bay - Holiday Accommodation in Self Catering Villas and Apartments

With the current success of the MyCiTi Bus rapid transport system many Cape Townians had or is making use of the easy and reliable way of commuting. With routes all over town the City of Cape Town has made sure that it’s safer to get to work and to get you to your destination on time.

The MyCiTy Bus system started in 2011 and the expansion of the routes and ongoing planning to make public transport more effective are beneficial to everyone. With global warming and rising congestion a system had to be devised to alleviate current problems. The use of mini-bus taxis proves to be exceptionally dangerous and the outrageous prices of metered taxis all contribute to the current issue. Different routes around Cape Town all lead to the Civic Centre where it is possible to get on the next bus to either the Waterfront, Garden Centre or all the way to Big Bay.

A considerable amount of planning went into making the system work from training the friendly and professional staff to different layouts of current roads around the Cape. All to get you to your destination on time. Also with added security all along the route to make your journey a safe one. The cleanliness of the luxury busses are evident due to well needed regulations that are set in place.

The bane of many residents existence in the Table View and Big Bay area is the continuous traffic on the R27 from city to Melkbosstrand. With the MyCiTy bus system it becomes a breeze when the bus just cruises past the long string of traffic commuting to work and makes it possible to get to town in only 45 minutes. The bus route is all the way to Big Bay and makes it possible for holiday goers that stay in some of the many luxury apartments around the area to commute without any traffic at all.

It is also possible to get to Cape Town International Airport very easily with a shuttle that leaves the Civic Centre at 4h20 and the last to leave at 22h00 in the evening to make sure you get to your flight on time. New routes are set to open in 2013 with busses going right past Century city and further routes up to Pella.

The efficiency of the British and European transport systems made it possible to show what can be achieved and taken into consideration it shows that South Africa is not far behind on getting on par with the rest of the world.