3D Secure Payment

Camps Bay Self Catering makes use of an online payment platform designed by MasterCard and Visa known as 3D-Secure. For those who use just Visa or MasterCard, Visa's product is called 'Verified by Visa' and MasterCard's is SecureCode, just so that you are aware. It's the simplest, most secure and most agreeable method for paying for your holiday accommodation.

How does 3D-Secure safeguard my information?

MasterCard or Visa relays your credit card data via a top level encryption and places it on a secure server guarded by a powerful firewall. 3D-Secure ensures you are safe from fraud by confirming that you are in fact the person making the payment. The process is quite straightforward.

Step 1: When you start to make a payment, the 3D-Secure window opens automatically and prompts you to sign in with your password.

Step 2: After you have passed through the signing in process and proceed to payment, 3D-Secure links your transaction to either Visa or MasterCard to verify your particulars: name, card number, expiry date and CVV number (the last 3 digits on the back of your card).

Step 3: After your information has been confirmed, 3D-Secure then redirects you to the bank that issued your card. You will need to type in your 3D-Secure pin code to prove that it is you, the account holder, that is making the payment.

Step 4: Lastly, your bank checks your account: whether you have enough in your account, are you beneath your daily transaction limit, etc.

The payment is only processed once these verifications have taken place successfully, and we do not charge any transaction fees when your payment is via credit card online.

How do I set up the 3D-Secure feature?

To get 3D-Secure working you will need to have your MasterCard or Visa card activated for 3D-Secure with your bank before making online purchases. Once your card is activated, your bank will issue you with a secure pin code to use as in Step 3.

Card activation is dependent on your bank, and may take a few days. When you make your first online purchase after activating your card, you will be requested to come up with a password to use for this first purchase and for every other online purchase you make from then, as in Step 1.